Kangaroo Gift Set

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Our limited edition gift pack includes:

1x Knitted Kangaroo Blanket 
1x Kangaroo Teether 

Knitted Blanket: Discover the perfect blend of warmth and charm with our collection of knitted baby blankets. Crafted with soft, high-quality yarn, these blankets provide a cosy embrace for your little one. From timeless classics to fun prints designs, our knitted baby blankets offer both comfort and style. Choose from a range of colors and patterns to create a soothing and stylish nursery. Wrap your baby in love and softness with Baby Stork. 

Wooden Teether: Discover the natural joy of teething with our collection of wooden teethers. Crafted from smooth, baby-safe wood, these teethers provide a comforting and sensory-rich experience for your little one. Free from harmful chemicals, our wooden teethers are a safe and eco-friendly choice for teething relief. With adorable designs and soothing textures, these teethers make a stylish and practical addition to your baby essentials. Choose the best for your baby's teething journey – explore our collection of wooden teethers and let the natural soothing begin.

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