Day in the life with Rach & Gabe (Toddler Edition)

Day in the life with Rach & Gabe (Toddler Edition)

Rach, is one of our wounderful mummas who helps us here at Baby Stork HQ. She is one of the loveliest proud mums we have met, but she never hides away from the raw truth and challenges that she faces as a parent. She has shared a day in the life, with her two year old son, Gabe. 

Day in the life with Rach & Gabe (Toddler Edition)

4.00 am

Is it morning?! At this stage, I can’t remember turning off the TV or falling asleep, but the sobbing at the end of our bed tells me I’m not dreaming.


After finally mustering some formation of words, I still have no idea what he could possibly need at 4 am, so I break the rules of enforcing ‘good sleep habits’ and place the sobbing toddler next to me in bed.

Our Queen sized bed now accommodates a blanket-hogging monster AKA my husband, an overly large and very needy cat, and my child who is now sound asleep with his knees digging into my back. My final thoughts (as I FINALLY drift back to sleep), is that we either need a king-size bed, or I need a single bed of my own!


 5.30 am

Morning finally arrives, and we’re awake again…


“Blue, Blueeey”

“Watch TV?” – Oops! Have I made this a morning habit?

“Weet-bix, Weet-bix”

“Leo wake” The overly large cat does not look impressed.

“Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad.” – Yes, finally he’s awake!


7.00 am

An explainable amount of time has passed, but I feel like I’ve achieved absolutely nothing! It’s finally breakfast time and of course, we’re out of Weet-bix! 


I’ve explained to my toddler, again, that I’m sorry but he can’t have Weet-bix today, but I can see a tantrum arising… It’s too early for this. Luckily BANANA PANCAKES save the day! He takes this as a win, and so do I.


*No, mine didn't look this good

9.00 am

We’ve made the heavy decision to venture out and do our supermarket shopping. If you’re also a parent you’ll understand this can either make you or break you. Gone are the days of just “running down to the shop” this is a full mission, send help!

No. Leo can’t come. Put him down!


10:30 am

After one mega meltdown, judgemental onlookers, and some unwanted advice on how to get my toddler to behave, we’re finally home. We didn’t get everything on the list, but we did get Weet-bix!

11.45 am

Ok, let’s get you a sandwich honey! Would you like vegemite and cheese?

*Nods, and smiles* So angelic!

Let’s sit down and eat together at the table.

The toddler takes no more than two bites and puts the sandwich down. “Apple”

After some gentle encouragement to eat the sandwich, another meltdown starts. Let’s just have the apple, shall we? For those wondering, yes, I did eat that leftover sandwich!



It's my favourite time of the day, NAP TIME!
His bottle is ready to go, his bed has been made, and we’re ready for naptime (well at least one of us is).

After what feels like endless hours of reading he’s finally asleep. 

The thought of taking a nap myself entices me, but no, I quickly sneak out and shut the door and continue with the household chores, ok and maybe just one episode of Stranger Things.



1.30 pm

No more than 15 minutes into the episode, I hear little feet and giggles coming my way. Someone’s awake! 


2.00 pm

I haven’t managed to take a shower yet, but it seems kind of pointless now. I’ve left the house and it’s after midday. Morning showers are overrated, right? Reassures myself by adding some extra deodorant.


It’s a nice day – let’s go to the park. After gathering what feels like a million things for one short trip we’re almost ready to go.

Do you need to go potty before we go?

Toddler “Shakes head”

Are you sure?

Toddler “No Potty”

Mummy is going to go before we leave, attempting to encourage the toddler to go.

He runs into the room with the potty. I place him on the potty… 2 minutes later “”

Ok. You must not need to go, let’s head to the park.

3.30 pm
I’ve finally packed the car and the toddler. We’re actually on our way to the park! We’ve done it. We’re 5 minutes into the trip when I hear…


“Potty, Potty”

3.35 pm

We’re back home and on the potty. Success! He’s done a wee.

Let’s just stay home and play! 


Gabe's current favourite toy: Watermelon Stacker 

5.00 pm

More time has passed. Another snack or two, hours of reading, playing and singing (I feel like an honorary Wiggle after the number of times I’ve sung Hot Potato, Fruit Salad and Hey Tsehay!”  

“Daddy. Daddy.”

Yay! Dad is home early tonight, after a few late nights we’re both so pleased to see him.   

Time to start dinner prep!

5.30 pm

My husband is busy entertaining the toddler while he keeps an eye on dinner, a Shepherd’s Pie with hidden veggies.


The weather has taken a turn, it’s starting to rain! I quickly dash to the backyard and grab the clean washing off the line. I now have two overfilled baskets of laundry that I start sorting, cancel that - let’s eat!



6.30 pm

We tackle bath time together, you scrub while I keep him in the tub!

No, Leo doesn’t want a bath!

Another meltdown.


8.30 pm

After a battle of chasing the toddler (he’s surprisingly fast, or maybe I’m just starting to slow down) we’ve finally managed to get him in bed. My husband feels the work guilt and reads to him while he settles. I sneakily glance at them through the door, my heart feels whole.

Oops! He’s spotted me.





Ahh… here we go again!


9.45 pm 

He’s finally asleep
I go back to my half-eaten dinner and decide to tackle the rest of the laundry.

I regret my decision not to get any chocolate from the supermarket, I find a questionable packet of marshmallows at the back of the pantry and indulge myself. ALEXA, add marshmallows and chocolate to the shopping list.

I finally finish that earlier episode of Stranger Things, well, most of it.

10.30 pm

Finally made it into bed, hoping the toddler sleeps through the night.

Spoiler alert… He didn’t.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my daily life at the moment. I know one day I will cherish these moments and miss the days he relied on me for simple things. Despite the struggles we all go through being a parent, those little moments throughout the day are what keep us going.

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Rach & Gabe, xx


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