Photo Ideas -  you'll want these in your album!

Photo Ideas - you'll want these in your album!

Although it may seem unfathomable, one day your child will be all grown up. Photos will help you recall details like how small their noses were, or how much food used to end up on their faces (and the floor) instead of their mouths.

Photos are worth 1000 words, especially when reflecting on special moments with your baby. Here are our photo ideas to help you build the perfect keepsake album


Parents and baby at the hospital

It’s a magical moment when you first set eyes on your baby, it’s the start of a new journey. This precious time will be a treasured memory forever. Some people opt for birthing photographers, but many midwives will be happy to take a photo for you – just ask them prior!


Sleeping baby

Everyone loves a sleeping baby. They look so sweet and angelic. Be careful not to wake them



A newborn smile will melt your heart. Those early smiles and giggles bring a new meaning to the word love.   



Remember those tiny cute little feet forever in your favourite pair of booties. Our Storkke Beanie Sets include a bear-inspired baby beanie, mittens and adorable booties. Not only will they keep bub warm but they are the most adorable keepsake for generations to come.

Baby Beanie Set - Storkke


Their little hands holding yours  

This one is a classic. It can help you remember just how tiny those little hands were. This one is also super cute with grandparents or older relatives.


Being held by loved ones

This is a beautiful memory to share with those closest to you. Aunties, Grandads, Cousins or whoever is special to your family, will love having a keepsake of meeting their loved family member.


Growing up

Using our Milestone Blocks take a photo of your baby next to them periodically. Weeks, months and special occasions will all be remembered with our special Milestone Blocks.


First Meals

The uncertainties, curiosity and general wonder. Trying solid foods for the first time is a big deal for any bub. This big moment is sure to make you laugh, as your baby discovers their favourite, and maybe not so favourite foods


On the Move

The skills your baby develops in the first year are remarkable. It’s a great time to snap a photo or film their first steps. The look on their little faces when they start to move is something you’ll never want to forget.

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