Activity Book - Everyday Skills

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Ignite your child's love for learning with our "Everyday Skills" Activity Book. This interactive book is a treasure trove of fun and education, designed to fuel curiosity and open the door to imaginative and educational play. Each page is filled with challenges and creative adventures that not only entertain but also develop crucial developmental skills.

Our Activity books contribute to various developmental skills in children, including:

Fine Motor Skills: Hands-on activities in activity books help refine and strengthen fine motor skills.

Cognitive Skills: Puzzles, games, and challenges enhance cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, memory, and logical thinking.

Language Development: Activities involving storytelling promote language skills, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Creativity: Imaginative tasks foster creativity and self-expression in children.

Numeracy Skills: Activities that involve counting, sorting, and basic math concepts contribute to the development of numeracy skills.

Attention to Detail: Completing intricate tasks in activity books encourages attention to detail and concentration.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Engaging in activities that require coordination between hand movements and visual perception supports hand-eye coordination.

Social Skills: Collaboratively undertaking tasks in the activity book with parents, siblings, family or friends can encourage teamwork and social interaction.

Patience and Persistence: Overcoming challenges in the activity book teaches children patience and persistence as they work towards completing tasks.

Activity books serve as valuable tools for holistic development, combining education with enjoyment in a child-friendly format.

Skills Acquired:
- Numbers and Counting
- Sequencing
- Creative Play
- Fine Motor Skills
- Sensory Play
- Problem Solving
- Mathematical Thinking
- Hand-Eye Coordination

Wipe overly softly with slightly damp cloth.

As this book is handmade of felt, some objects may come loose. This is not a fault with the product, this arise from continuous play. We always encourage supervision with all Storkke products to ensure the safety of children. If parts do come lose you may wish to secure them with glue. If the product is beyond repair or small parts are not secure we recommend disposing of the book.

This book is best suited to children 1 and older. WARNING: Children under 3 MUST be supervised with this book as small parts are present.

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