Boho Cotton Rope Moses Portable Change Basket + Mattress

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Add an elegant touch to your nursery with our beautifully designed Boho Cotton Rope Moses Portable Change Basket. Made from 100% cotton rope, this lightweight and portable changing basket makes it easy to change your baby wherever you are in the house. Perfect for use on top of a dresser when your baby is a newborn, it can easily slide under furniture for floor changes once your little one starts to wriggle.

Key Features:

  • Includes Foam Mattress: Comes with a comfortable foam mattress and a removable cover for easy cleaning.
  • 100% Cotton Rope: Made from safe, non-toxic materials with no fluorescent agents or formaldehyde.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Easy to move around the house and take with you on the go.
  • Hand Washable: Easy to keep clean with hand washing.

Versatile and Multifunctional:

  • Open Design: The all-in-one, open design makes it readily available for use as a changing basket or a portable bed.
  • Outdoor Use: Perfect for taking on outings to ensure your baby can sleep anywhere, anytime.
  • Multipurpose: Can also be used for storage of toys, books, or laundry.

Safety Note: NEVER leave your baby unattended on a changing table.


  • Material: 100% Cotton Rope
  • Dimensions: Designed to fit most dressers and changing tables
  • Care Instructions: Hand washable

Elevate your nursery decor with the luxurious and functional Boho Cotton Rope Moses Portable Change Basket. Ideal for new parents, it combines style, comfort, and practicality in one elegant package.

Type: Cradle / Changing Basket

Material: Eco-friendly cotton rope material

Gender: Unisex


Features: Portable, Foldable, Light, Natural, Safe and Beautiful

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