Pirate Adventure Sandpit: Wooden Boat with Canopy & Bench Seat

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Ahoy, young explorers! Set sail on a backyard adventure with the Keezi Pirate Adventure Sandpit, designed to spark imagination and encourage outdoor play. This captivating wooden boat-shaped sandpit is a treasure trove of fun, offering ample space for two to three children to dig, build, and explore together.

Crafted from treated timber, this sturdy vessel braves the elements and promises years of outdoor escapades. Its realistic steering wheel and adorable cartoon stickers let your kids steer their imagination towards endless pirate adventures, complete with a Jolly Roger flag to proclaim their dominion over the seven seas—or at least over their sandbox kingdom.

Comfort isn’t forgotten on this voyage: spacious bench seats and a protective ground sheet create a cozy environment for play without the mess of dirt or moisture. Overhead, a UV-protected canopy shields your little buccaneers from the sun, making it the perfect spot for playtime treasures from dawn till dusk.

Designed with safety and easy assembly in mind, the Keezi Pirate Adventure Sandpit is toy safety approved, ensuring that your little ones' adventures on the high seas are not just fun but safe.


* Ample space for two or three kids
* Strong construction
* Treated timber
* Steering wheel
* Cute cartoon stickers
* Comes with a ground sheet
* Comes with UV-protected canopy
* Toy safety approved
* Easy assembly

* Sand pit material: Wood
* Cover material: UV-treated PE
* Ground sheet material: Nylon
* Colour: Natural wood
* Paint: Eco-friendly
* Size: 80 x 165 x 102cm
* Weight: 19kg

Package Content
1 x Keezi Sand Pit with Canopy
1 x Assembly Instruction

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