Seaside Retreat: Kids’ Foldable Wooden Sandbox with Comfort Seating

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Bring the joy and creativity of the beach directly to your backyard with the Keezi Seaside Retreat Sandbox, where every day is a sandcastle-building adventure. Designed with toddlers in mind, this sandbox transcends the ordinary, combining quality timber construction with the ingenuity of foldable design for both playtime and easy storage.

Beyond its four sturdy walls lies a world of imagination waiting to be uncovered. Two long benches with backrests ensure that children and parents alike can join in the fun, comfortably engaging in outdoor play. Safety is paramount in our design, featuring smooth edges, rounded corners, and robust construction without any protruding screws, making every play session worry-free.

An internal nylon ground sheet lies at the base, allowing sand to stay in place while protecting the grass or ground beneath. It also facilitates easy cleanup or sand replacement as needed. Unique to the Keezi Sandbox is its foldable seat feature, which converts the sandbox into a closed wooden platform, safeguarding the sand and toys inside and ensuring longevity by protecting against wood rot and insect damage.

Certified according to AS8214 Safety of Toys standards, the Keezi Seaside Retreat Sandbox is a testament to enduring fun and creativity outdoors. While designed for the utmost in child safety, we recommend adult supervision to make every sandpit adventure as safe as it is enjoyable.


Great outdoor fun for kids
Rounded corners for added safety
Comfortable seating area
Treated timber with protection against wood rot and insect damage
Supplied flat packed and pre-drilled with easy assembly instruction
Encouraging outdoor play and exercises
Comes with a ground sheet
AS8124 Safety of Toys Set certified

Sand pit material: Firwood
Ground sheet material: Nylon
Colour: Natural wood
Size: 95x90x14cm
Weight: 9kg
Sandpit capacity : 9-10 × 20kg Bags of Sand
Number of package: 1

Package Content
1 x Square Sand Pit
1 x Assembly Instruction


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