Muslin Swaddle - Spots

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Welcome to a world of blissful sleep for your baby! Our top-rated baby swaddles are crafted with love and designed for ultimate comfort. Designed from premium, breathable fabrics, our swaddles ensure your little one sleeps like an angel. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style as you explore our extensive collection. Trust in quality, embrace the comfort, and let your baby dream peacefully. 

In addition to sleep-related benefits, here are some other great ways to use your swaddle:

Nursing Cover: A swaddle can double as a discreet cover while breastfeeding, providing privacy for both mother and baby.

Tummy Time Mat: Place the swaddle on the floor for tummy time sessions, offering a soft and clean surface for your baby to explore.

Burp Cloth: Swaddles are handy for quick clean-ups during burping or feeding times.

Pram Blanket: Shield your baby from the sun, wind, or light rain by draping a swaddle over them in the pram.

Comfort Object: A familiar swaddle can become a comforting object for your baby, promoting a sense of security.

Changing Pad Cover: In a pinch, a swaddle can be used to cover a changing pad for a soft and clean changing surface.

Versatile and practical, like always! 



Organic 70% Bamboo Fiber 30% Cotton

Approx Size: 120cm x 120cm

Machine washable, tumble dry on low. Do not iron or dry clean.

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