Personalised Acrylic LED Night Light - Forrest Friends Under the Stars

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Illuminate your child's bedroom or nursery with the enchanting glow of our Custom Night Light, tailored just for them. This beautiful night light is not only a functional item but also serves as a captivating statement piece for any young one's room. Crafted from durable acrylic and set on a stylish wooden base, it features built-in LED lights that change from warm to cool tones, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance.

Adjustable brightness with a dimmer control makes this night light ideal for various uses—whether it's for midnight diaper changes, feeding times, or providing a comforting glow to ward off the darkness. Safe, shatterproof, and cool to the touch, it's designed with your child’s safety in mind, meeting strict Australian safety standards.

Personalise this night light with a name, favourite theme, or character that resonates with your child, making it a truly unique gift. It's perfect for a range of occasions from first birthdays and baby showers to baptisms and Christmas. Delight your children from newborn to teen with this cherished gift that lights up their room and their hearts.

Three tone cool to warm light
Impact-resistant acrylic
Full high-quality colour printed art picture
Brightness dimmer
USB cord
Overall size 20cm high x 15cm wide
Charging method:Suitable for 5V 1A standard charge
Don't use super charger with higher rating it may burn out

Should finger prints or dust appear on your light please gently wipe down your acrylic light plaque with a soft microfiber cloth, liquids such as water or cleaning products should NOT be used. Also avoid sponges, scourers, paper towel etc as the will leave scratches on the acrylic plaque

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James Haden

Nice printing in the glass