Silicone Star Stacker

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Baby Stork's silicone Star stackers provide an endless amount of fun and possibilities.

Educational stackers, like this one, aid development by encouraging hand-eye coordination, creative thinking and problem solving, while supporting dexterity and motor development.


Enhances dexterity and encourages thoughtful play
The lightweight rings are easy for little hands to hold
Removing and stacking helps develops problem-solving skills and coordination.

We recommend washing with warm soapy water before first use.

Suitable for ages 8m+

Please remove all packaging before use. Please check products before each use and discard at the first sign of wear. Do not alter in any way and always only use under adult supervision. Inspect product for defects before use.

At Storkke your little ones safety is our first priority. Our products are made to the highest standards, however if used incorrectly and breakage occurs, they may become a choking hazard.