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Meet the white noise wizard for all ages! Whether you're a tiny tot, big kid, or grown-up, let the soothing melody of white noise lull you into a peaceful slumber. Plus, bask in the warm glow of its comforting light as you snooze. Get your snooze on with our Smart Night Sleeper!


Our dreamy device comes fully loaded with 34 calming melodies, from white noise to ocean waves, lullabies to birdsong, and even a fetal tone! These blissful sounds will whisk away any pesky background noise, making it a breeze for baby to drift off into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Say goodbye to spooky shadows and hello to a rainbow of colours! The built in colorful night light is here to make your dreams come alive with adjustable brightness, single or multi-colour modes. This gentle light is perfect for those midnight feeds. Get ready for a peaceful night's sleep!

Get your snooze on with the ultimate volume control and timer settings! Adjust the sound with pinpoint precision, and set the timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes - perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere as your little one drifts off to dreamland. It's the smartest way to snag some Z's!

Control your Smart Night Sleeper with a FREE smartapp (no subscription fees!) Connectivity available with Alexa or Google Home (via the smartapp). Child lock feature available in the App! 

Brimming with energy, your device will be powered up for hours on end (Up to 8 hours). Charge it up with a USB cable and take it on the go, thanks to its lightweight and portable design. 

Color: White
Battery Capacity: 1800mA
Charging Port: Type-C
Input: DC 5V
Timer: 30min/60min/90min
Soothing Sounds: 34
Item Size: 11 * 14.8cm/ 4.3 * 5.8in
Item Weight: 317g/ 11.2oz

Packing List:
1 * Sleep Machine
1 * USB Charging Cable

The recommended safe distance to place the machine is 1 metre away from the child's place of rest.

Please do not leave the machine inside the child place of rest. This could pose as an electrical fire safety hazard. No electronic devices should be sitting on or covered by fabrics such as blankets.

Customer Reviews

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Really handy in hospital the battery made night changes really easy with out waking my wife. Now using it at home a fair bit, the brown noise sound works really well to get my little man to settle on a fussy night.

Dani Viyol
Perfect nightlight and white noise machine to help bub sleep!

Friends recomended a white noise machine and we couldn't be happier, good sound and really good to get bub used to everyday sounds like cafes and thunder. Pretty easy to set up and use. The night light is great and I love that you can use your phone to adjust all the settings. Looks almost identical to there much more epensive version and functions just the same. Would definitely recommend!